Mupewa Combined School


Mupewa Primary School is located in the village of Oshikuku, which lies 30km north east of Oshakati. This school consists of Grade 1-7 which accommodates over 500 learners, 17 teachers including the Principal and HOD and there are also 2 institutional workers.

In 1997, the community of Oshikuku realised the necessity of establishing a pre-primary of better standard than those which already existed. This positive move was strongly facilitated by the Regional Councillor for Oshikuku Constituency, Hon Peter Endjambi. A committee was formed who were responsible for facilitating the day to day activites that finally led to the establishment of the school.

Eventually the pre-school was named Mupewa, after the headman of Oshikuku village. 'Mupewa' was his nickname whose real name was Norbert Tshiningayamwe.

In 1998 shortly after a piece of land was allocated for the school, the actual teaching and learning process was now in full swing at Mupewa Kindergarten with 39 learners.

Mupewa Kindergarten progressed exceptionally well up to 1999 whereby learners had to graduate to primary education. It was therefore on these grounds that a new school had to be registered with the Ministry of Education. This succeeded very well and consequently Mupewa Primary school came into being.The first school principal was Mrs Gisela Siririka (2001) who was further promoted to another post which led to Ms Nakambonde Johanna to becoming acting Principal from October 2003 to October 2004. The current school Principal, Mr Angala Wilhelm, took over on the 1 November 2004.

The School has grown so rapidly, even though from a humble beginning, today the school is able to expose its various potentials as a young institution. It is believed that parents, among other stakeholders, are the most grooming elements behind this golden success. Mupewa Primary School was one of the only 6 schools countrywide to win a national essay competition on "Hunger and Poverty Reduction" in the year 2005.

The school was officially inaugurated on 22nd July 2007 by the School's Patron, Honorable Peter Angula Tsheeshama Tshirumbu,the then Minister of Safety and Security.