Mupewa Combined School


When it comes to sporting, Mupewa is ever come number one on Netball team in the whole region under 13 team. Because of their undefeated background, the Mupewa undefeated champion team of netball under 13 turns to represent the whole omusati region at the National level competetion at Windhoek for all consecutive 3 four years (2008 to 2010). Although not the whole players manage to be selected for international team, atleast 2 have managed. In this picture below, you can see (right to left) Taddeus Olga, (best female - althletic 2010) Bonge Irenius (best soccer-player of 2010), and Shigwedha Lucia (best netball player of 2010).


MUPEWA, is also blessed when it comes to social events that are religious related. The school is having various choirs that are form up by the teachers and learners. These choirs has to perform always at morning assembly each monday as well as at any social event that may take part at school and during church services where possible. This is learner's choir 2010.

Cultural tropes

Mupewa combined School has been one of the best performer schools in Omusati region when it comes to both sports and cultural events. In this picture you can find the best overal ferformer team of cultural tropes of Mupewa 2010.When they came number one, won a GOLD medal at Omusati cultural competetion.  

Mr Bob's assembly